Monday, March 28, 2011


So - I'm not even sure where I found these letters - they were sort of.....just there, in a plastic bag, in my hand.  I guess I was digging away at something in the attic - it's really bizarre that I truly can't remember where they were when I "discovered" them.  NO!  I did not remember that I had any letters from Andre - and surely not so many of them.

The previous blog entries I wrote were about a stack of  letters I found in my attic that were from a guy I hardly remembered.  This is waaay different:

I found 48 letters (a few were post cards & birthday cards) from Andre Trepanier.  The letters were dated from Feb, 1958 to June, 1962. (we're talking 7cent air mail stamps) There were also about 5 letters from me to him...looks like rough drafts of letters that I sent. 

Andre was my 1st love.  Big Time.  I was 13 & he was 19 when we met.  Yes indeed, my father would eventually want to lock me up in the basement.  I met him in the "Old Village".  I believe he truly swept me off my feet the first time I laid eyes on him. "Breathtaking" is a fitting expression.  Even though I believe he had a girlfriend then, there was no turning back from that point on.

Andre was French Canadian, had been living in Waterbury, Ct.  He was in Great Neck with his twin brother, Bobby & their friend, Dizzy.  (Boy, was he ever dizzy - one scary, ugly dude).  They came to GN in March of 1956 to look for work, hearing there was good Summer money to be made in landscaping here.

(I have to write this slowly, as it is truly boggling my mind)....more to come

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