Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Another memory-packed item out the door.  I sold my old porcelain kitchen sink on Craigs List for $50.  I listed it for $65.  I must have posted it at least 4 or 5 times.  Keep showing what you've got, & someone is bound to want it.

The sink has been sitting in the side yard, visible from the kitchen window for years.  It's been there since the old pipes gave out & the plumber I hired was too lazy, or just didn't care to restore it.  He preferred to replace it with new, stainless steel.  I've been using it as a funky planter.

I was sad when the buyers took it away yesterday.  I didn't want to let it go......I hardly want to let anything go.  The guy buying it explained that he was building a country house upstate in the woods & thought this sink would be perfect.  Why wouldn't it?

I have memories (of course) of this sink.  It was here when my parents bought the house.  It was placed upon home built cabinets. It had two front graceful porcelain legs that were left visible on the sides of the cabinet.  I washed the dishes while my brother, Mike would dry, we would argue. This is the sink I bathed my kids in.  Barrett used to stand on a chair & play with her toys in a sinkful of bubbles - splashing, spilling & having a great time.  Lucy got her baths in this sink.  Bazillions of meals were prepared around this my mother, me, my kids.
Today I'm really sad.  The actual move - leaving this house & my life as I know it is inevitably close & "a never to return reality".  If not for money - I would keep this house & move to Asheville.

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