Thursday, March 3, 2011

I signed the contract to sell my house

This evening at approx 5 pm, I signed the contract to sell my house.  Amazingly, I feel ok.  Perhaps I'm in shock that I actually did it.  What tension - about 8 years of indicision leading up to that moment. 

Speaking with Ben yesterday helped a lot.  I was telling him that my friend, Carla saw photos of the house & thought it was absolutely fabulous.  Thought I had a professional stage it.  I was feeling it was hard to leave it when someone else saw it as so desirable.

Ben reminded me that the house was indeed a very special, loving space.....but just walk outside & you're in a toxic mine field - & that is a major reason that I'm leaving.  Ok, I guess I'll go.  On to the next steps.

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