Sunday, January 1, 2012


What a year!! I moved to a magic mountain in fabulous western NC, made so many new & loving friends, I continue to grow love with my old (not chronologically, of course) friends that I love more every day. The moving process allowed me to reconnected with a loving friend from over 50 years ago!!! I again have cousins....the gift that keeps on giving. I am blessed to have a relationship with a very special person that came with a bonus of family. I have the very best kids in the world....seriously - I couldn't/wouldn't have chosen any better. I love you Josh, Ben & Barrett. I am happy, & healthy. Bottom line: I am blessed & filled with gratitude for all that I have. I wish for me, for you and all those we love all this & more. Dream big.....they do come true. I'm living mine. Happy New Year