Sunday, March 13, 2011


Today I had the urge to investigate/clean out the shed.  Well, I barely scratched the surface.  Three trips to the curb with discards & much, too much left to toss?  Time & Ben's valued opinion will help to make that decision.

There are many tools, some, I'm sure that date back  to my parents ownership of this house.  There are many flowerpots....always handy to have about.  I've got many old aluminum pots that were my motheres - I drilled holes in the bottoms & used them as funky flower pots.  I used to line the walk with them.... doubled handled soup pots of varied sizes, tea kettles, collenders..... all planted prettily with colorful flowers.  Very often people stopped me to tell me that walking past my house caused them to smile.  That's a good thing. 

I can envision some of the pots on my High Vista decks.  I've seen beautiful, huge, glazed, colorful & expensive ceremic flower pots in the stores & garden centers.  I would love to have some of them & prob will get some.  To start, my mom's soup pots will add some funky flavor to my decks just as her soups added healthy flavor to all who were fortunate enough to eat at her table.

I'v got a white wrought iron bicycle basket in the shed.  I've been holding on to it for years.  I had an idea (prob saw a photo in some magazine) to use it on an old bike that I wished to paint white.  It's the kind of baskets that would have been attached to the back fender of the old-fashioned, fat tired Schwinns. One basket on either side of the wheel. I wanted to fill the baskets with flowing flowers & use all as a big flower display.  I am now hoping that it can be attached to the deck railing.  Well, with me it will go. 

I wish I were in my new house in NC (who said that?)  to start my garden.  A neighbor emailed to invite me to a High Vista Edible Garden Club.  Yes!  I am getting emotionally closer each day.  I definitely have felt a shift from the time I signed that contract.  I look at the house & the rooms differently.  I feel they are already less mine.  I am feeling a bit more detached little by little.  It is clear that the time it is taking is the time I need it to take.

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