Tuesday, August 31, 2010

just crazy

It just  does not make any sense that it will cost $84 for me to fly each way to Asheville ON a seat.  It will cost $125 for my 6 pound dog Lucy to fly each way to Asheville UNDER a seat.

Why can't I purchase a ticket for $84 and put Lucy's carrying case ON a seat? 

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I was up in the attic at approx 5 am yesterday going through & weeding out my "XMas" carton.  I have decorations that I collected before I was married. 

One year, approx 1965??? I worked at Georg Jensens on 5th ave in the Christmas Dept.  One job perk was that I was able to adopt all the esthetically challanged, maimed & un-sellable hand-made wooden decorations.  John & I would re-arrange their limbs, often using extras that did not quite fit - we would whittle, glue & paint 'til they stood proud.

Yesterday morning I actually made decisions to put to rest the wingless angels, the nose-less troll, etc. Most will go into the garage sale collection, as I'm sure the kids DO NOT WANT ANYTHING.  A few chosen items...including the little figures that once hung from Josh's baby mobile will go into a much smaller carton & move to NC with us.

Last year, as a gift for Barrett, I created a "winter wonderland" shadow box that incorporated family photos, a bazillion crystal beads, many of the teeny wooden decorations, etc 

Writing these words to my friend Carla was the incentive to start a "Moving to Asheville" blog.  I have wanted to keep a diary type of record of this exciting and emotional time.  Yeahhhh, I get so happy when my wishes can be actualized into the world of technology.