Saturday, February 26, 2011

A house offer

Last Sunday I was in Asheville - & when I'm there, I love attending Science of Mind services. The service was uplifting and hope inducing - I always find it so. 

I was walking out the door to leave & felt I needed to go back inside & ask for a "treatment".  There were a few people I had received  treatments from to finally make the decision to ultimately move to Asheville & then at another time, to find the right house in High Vista.  And so it came to pass.  She was in conversation with a woman standing next to her.   I chose to speak the other woman this time.

She asked my name & request.  The very  next thing she asked was if I was REALLY ready to release my house.  Wow! Powerful question.  She hit the nail on the head for sure.  A question that came up for me constantly. 

When I said I hoped so, but still wasn't really sure, I had the gnawing feeling that I was still holding on.  I told her I WANTED to release my house.  She treated for the release of my house, the sale of the house (for a price I liked) to people who will love & respect the house, people I would feel good about selling my house to, and the entire experience to be a win-win process for all involved.  Her prayers were powerful.  When we were finished, I was moved to ask for her card.  She was involved somehow in real estate.  When it was time to leave, I noticed that it was 12:30.

Randy & I were starving & went to Earth Fare where we sat with Jayson & Rena & were busily talking & eating.  My phone rang.  It was my realtor, Edna who announced that we got a very strong offer.  A couple that was crazy about my house.   They were pre-approved, had $200,000 as a down payment.  (I glanced at my was about 1:30).  I countered the offer, they re-countered.  We agreed. I cried. They arranged for an inspection the very next morning.

I was afraid of so much being wrong with the house.  Many told me to buy a new furnace & "abandon" the oil tank, which would have cost approx $8,000.  I was told I should convert to gas heat, etc - which would have cost even more.  Randy wanted to replace the system so we could spend a few months in Asheville.  I resisted.  I just felt that it wasn't the right thing for me to do.  All the above, plus more that I worried about passed the inspection. I met their request to pay only $1,000 towards repairs.  I feel so good about myself for not giving in.  It actually feels GREAT.  I never would have re-couped that money. I also did not have major roof work done as suggested. 

I'm really moving to Asheville.  More to come on the emotional part of this journey.

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