Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I call this photo "the baseball game".  Funny, I was recently talking to someone about this scene - & here it is.  Good memories.

Looking at the photo, my father, Phil is on the left in front, next to him is cousin Jack Ratchick, married to My mother's cousin, Ida. Across from him, on the right, in back is uncle Irving (Goldstein) My mothers younger brother- next to him is uncle Al (Hantman), married to my mother's sister, Lilly. 

I think this photo is so funny.  This was the men having a great time???  They were sitting around the kitchen table at Lilly & Al's house, smoking, drinking something - perhaps a little schnops, & listening to the baseball game.  We - the kids & women were prob sitting around the dining room table, which was just a few steps away.  We could have been in the living room, but I don't remember being in there very often. 

We always had great food.  We ate before the meal - God forbid you should be too hungry to wait, then of course an abundant meal.  I'm thinking pot roast & all the trimmings, then coffee & dessert - perhaps aunt Lilly's mondel bread, her outrageous sour cream cake, some danish, coffee cake, fruit, etc.  I remember her making her own egg noodles.  I can see her cutting the dough into tiny slices - I was in awe at how she moved the huge knife so quickly & never cut herself. 

Their apt was on the 2nd floor of a brownstone (prob valued over a million dollars these days) and a few blocks away there was actually a dairy farm.  When the wind was in the right direction, one could smell the cows, which I liked because it reminded me of being in the country.

We used to visit relatives almost every weekend - that's just what the family did. I loved being at my aunt Lilly's - she used to let me go through the drawers of her dining room furniture where she had miniature tea sets & tiny dishes that I loved to play with.  I still have a tiny set with a brass tray, candlesticks, etc that she gave me.

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