Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No Sale - but a good head start

Downstairs Bathroom


 The tease of the house sale fell through.  Strange, I was excited.  It was good to look forward to an actual time-line when I would move & be there.  The other side of it was still the bit of reluctance & holding back.  It happens when the house looks so nice - when all is set up for the open house.  Also happens when someone else starts raving about it.  They make it sound so good that I don't want to give it to them.

The positive side of the experience is that it kicked me into high gear.  I had a garage sale (in my basement) & sold a lot of stuff.  Before, during & after the sale we put piles & piles of stuff to the curb, donated 2 car loads to the thrift store, organized & re-arranged my attic, basement & garage, got re-involved in selling stuff on Craigs List & EBay which has become fun & rewarding.

God Bless Ben.  I would never, never, ever have been able to get anywhere near this point without his help.  Barrett & Randy helped with the garage sale, as did my friend, Kay.  Bless you all.

I feel more ready now.  I guess everything just has to take the time that it needs to take.  I feel like there is order.  I feel that what lies ahead is not insurrmountable.  I know what I have, know what I want to take, and know more or less how to prepare to do the actually sorting & packing. 

Photos were the most pressing.  For whatever reasons, I needed to do them first.  There were/are mountains of them - from 4 generations.  I feel more peaceful now that they are (almost) in order. 

I will stack & store my journals, etc next.  I've already bought the plastic carton thingy that I think will be the right size for them.  I have so many personal journals from so many years ago.  I have a diary or two from when I was 13 years old.  (I just tried to find them so I could photgraph them for this blog - not in the attic, not in the much for order).

Our Family Home
I've also started moving ahead with my business connection in Asheville.  I have a consult set up for a wedding there.  That feels like a giant step towards my life there. 
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Upstairs Hallway

Master Bedroom

Living Room

Dining Room (The Parlor)

 Allenwood Road, Great Neck NY
My Bedroom


The Den (My Office)

Barrett's Bedroom (used to me mine)



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