Sunday, September 26, 2010

The following is from my son, Josh.  I called him needing some attention, commiseration and his sage guidance.  I was upset re an inconsiderate neighbor & didn't want to hold onto the anger I felt. I needed 2 minutes of "letting go of steam" time. I just really wanted to be heard.

 I also felt like I wasn't  accomplishing very much of anything in my preparing to move process.  Every time I picked up something, there were 10 more "somethings" hidden beneath it.  I was overwhelmed & it seemed there was no end in sight. I thought Josh could relate, as he has just moved from his own apt to a shared space.  When I asked how his process was progressing, he basically told me what I have posted below.  I loved it.  It was so visual as he was describing the need to move 3 cartons in order to get the one in the back, in the corner, then having to slide them to different positions to get out of the corner. 

It's a familiar formula, but one that so often slips away from me. I call it my "A B C's".  Ex:  I'm at A.  I want be at C.  I can see the end result.  I actually MUST see it - clearly & in great detail.  The more specific the vision, the more specific the reality will be.  So....what about B?  Don't focus on it.  Don't worry about the "how's".  Let it go, trust, give it to God, whatever.  I will manifest what I focus on.  Simply:  See "C".
"My apartment, like life, is just a puzzle with a solution and if I moved the pieces into the wrong places it's just a matter of repositioning them until they fit. I don't think of it as a cruel joke with no answer created just to frustrate me but rather as a practice in patience with a reward for seeing it through to the end.
we all remember how satisfying it was to finally see the finished picture after all of our hard work and time invested but do we remember that we already knew what it was supposed to look like when we picked up the box it came in?
 Let's keep our sights focused on that beautiful finished picture because this is our guarantee that the universe would never sell us a defective product :)"

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