Thursday, September 16, 2010

another storm

Tonight I was in Port Jefferson  for a wedding showcase & it began to pour soon after I arrived.  I didn't know that & was feeling so  sorry for myself because I couldn't go to my women's group - which was cancelled because of weather warnings.
People at the showcase were talking about a tornado in Queens & I kept thinking back to June 24 & the tornado that raged through Great Neck.  I listened to the news on the way home & it spoke of  drastic weather conditions in Staten Island, Bklyn & Queens - trees down, no service on  the LIRR & part of the LIE with backed-up traffic due to downed trees.
What a surprise when I drove down Allenwood from the park & saw the streets strewn with branches....really big branches.  More of a surprise when I couldn't pull into my driveway because there was a big piece of tree in it - or walk down my front walk for the same reason, but with a different tree piece.  Can't really see the extent of the damage, but the side fence has the Shmuel's tree in/on/through it.
If I had not gone out, the tree would have been in the exact spot I keep my car.
Poor Lucy was upstairs in the dark....when I went up to get her, she  ran right into the bathroom for me to give her water....& slurped it right up.  She must have been a wreck while the wind & rain were being so noisy.
Once again.  Thank you God.

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