Thursday, March 1, 2012


I must have been about 14?  That's Andre to my left.  His twin brother, Bobby is to his left, his younger brothers at the rear table.

We were invited to Andre's fathers' home in Waterbury, Ct.  I believe it was for Easter.

 Every time I drove to visit Barrett & would drive past Waterbury & see the church spires, I would think of that day.

I so clearly remember getting all dressed up.  I wore high heels that blistered the hell out of my feet to the point of taking them off & carrying them.  I remember us taking the LIRR to Penn Sta & then taking another train to Ct.  We pretended that we were married & hoped that passengers sitting near us would hear our conversation & agree that indeed, we were grown-ups.

Andre sent this photo with some others of himself & his family the other day.  I had never seen this photo.  It's so cool to see yourself in an image that is new.  It's like looking at another view of your life....a tiny slice from your memory bank that is brought back to life.

Thank you, Andre.  Thank you for the love we shared then, thank you for your loving friendship today.  

I am amazed & so very grateful that a relationship from 54 years ago has reappeared.  What a gift!!

Thank you Caroline, for helping to re-connect us.

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