Sunday, January 2, 2011

A treasure at the bottom of the box

Hi Family: Joshua, Ben, Barrett, Stacey,
I found this treasure at the very bottom of the carton that Aunt Paul stored all those pictures & letters that I've been excavating.
From left to right:  Aunt Paul, My Mom, Bella, Ruth & Irving, Aunt Lilly, Aunt Esther.
So, this is obviously Ruth & Irving's wedding day.  Irving was the youngest of all the siblings.  He was so sweet & loving, as I feel all our family were.  Ruthie was known to be a bit...giggle-y.  She giggled at just about everything anyone said.
I believe I have memories of going shopping with my mother for the dress she was wearing in this photo.  Somehow, I thought it was for Phyllis' wedding?  Perhaps she wore it for both.  Ahhh, a fashion  no-no. I also remember that I was a flower-girl - again, prob for Phyllis'.  (I'm sure I'm not spelling Phyllis right).
Anyway, back to my mothers dress.  It was black & had beautiful multi-colored beadwork in the shape of a  fabulous bird across the front.  I can still see it in my minds eye.  I remember occasionally going to her closet to touch and admire it.  I thought it was the grandest - the fanciest, schmanciest of dresses. 
Weren't they all so very elegant?  I'm loving those long gloves.  I believe I have the very ones Aunt Paul was wearing among her belongings stored in my basement.  (I've just decided not to toss them.)
So, one memory of that shopping  day was of me running a bit wild & scooting in & out of the clothing racks, hiding under & behind the clothes.  I think Renee Chiswick was the other flower girl & she was my misbehaving cohort.  My mother was embarrassed & the sales women quite chagrinned.
So, my dears .... thanks for travelling down memory lane with me.  I am so glad to have you all in my life to share these beautiful Souls.  How blessed we are to have had them, their love & each other.
I deem this photo as frame-worthy.  copies, anyone?
I love you, Mom/Cousin Susan

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Both Sides of Ben said...

yeah, great photo - i posted it on my blog too. they all look so classy